10 Things I learned From Culinary School

I was a recently asked to be a guest blogger on CookKosher.com.  I wrote an article called “10 Things I learned From Culinary School” and I wanted to share it with all of you!  Please enjoy and feel free to pass it around!  I look forward to more guest blogging on CookKosher in the future.

Link to the website – CookKosher

My goal is to use what I learn to make kosher food as expansive as possible, in appearance and taste. So here are the top ten things I’ve learned, as they relate to the kosher homemaker:
Click Here for the Top 10 List

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3 thoughts on “10 Things I learned From Culinary School”

  1. Great story! Can you write a post on reducing juices or making gravy? I often have stuck bits of goodness or LOTS of chicken juices and fat from roasting and I don't think I'm doing things right. BTW, my husband is from Dublin, OH.

  2. I will try 🙂 Reducing is the way to go! Email me and I will write explain how to do it correctly!
    So cool! Small world! Do you ever come to Ohio?

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