Dear Coco

Saigon Fireball and Paraguay Passion Fruit sound like cocktail names you only find on tropical islands.  Well, I have had the honor and pleasure of tasting these Dear Coco delectable’s in chocolate truffle form.
These creamy truffles stay true to their name and are bursting with powerful flavor! 

Saigon Fireball = Vietnamese Saigon Cinnamon + Dark Chocolate + Chili Powder + Cayenne Pepper + Natural Cocoa
Paraguay Passion Fruit = Passion Fruit + Dark Chocolate + Organic Hibiscus Flowers
Rachelle Ferneau, owner of Dear Coco and pastry-chef-turned chocolatier, is so inspiring! Check out her website and see what other flavor combinations she puts into chocolate form!
Inspired by these creative combinations, the upcoming holiday of Purim, and my wedding in Columbus, OH, I decided to create a NEW cocktail hamantashen!  While I finish creating and perfecting this recipe you can check out the three I created last year! Stay tuned!