A Little Bubbly

Who doesn’t like a little bubbly every once in a while?!  Staying true to the girly stereotype, I love fruity drinks!  I happen to also love whiskey and scotch, but everything has a right time and place, and New Years is the right time and place for a bubbly fruity drink. 
My drink of choice to bring in the year 2014 is a peach mimosa, it’s a classic with a twist, plus they have ONLY two ingredients…can it get any simpler?  The clean and fresh taste of a sweet sparkly wine or champaign mixed with a fruit nectar hits the spot and bursts with bubbly surprises and sweet flavors.  I hope this year brings you glasses of sweetness and bursts of happiness!


3 Part Champaigne or Moscato, cold
1 Part Nectar (peach, orange, etc), cold
Fruit for Garnish

Mix and Serve

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