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Garlic…The Everlasting Scent

I had to do two things yesterday for homework:
1) Peel garlic for today
2) Engrave my knives.  I will get into more detail about my knives later on, but for now, just know that they are AWESOME!
My hands smell like garlic. Overpowering garlic. 
There were many reactions on the subway this morning.  Some people ran to the other end of the car, some snuggled in close to me, and I even got a few sniffs pointed in my direction.  I promise, I took a shower and scrubbed my hands like mad. I heard if you put lemon juice on your hands it makes the smell go away, but I did not because I  actually love the smell and figured it would go away by tomorrow anyways! 
It’s “bring your garlic to work day.”
Russian woman have a reputation for smelling like garlic.  If you eat enough of it, you actually sweat the smell.  So if you have your eye on a Russian cutie, take my advice, eat a lot of garlic, go to the gym, then immediately find a way to see him.  He won’t be able to resist your aroma.  I once ate all the garlic from a 40 clove garlic chicken and guess who snagged that Russian cutie the next day? True story. 


My first day of culinary school at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) started last Tuesday.  I have been dreaming of this since I could remember.  My family boasts about my flaws and experiments in the past that did or did not go over so well.  If I had pictures of these beauties I would definitely post them!  Whole wheat gelatinous bread pudding, chocolate cake with scrambled eggs inside, cholent pockets….just to name a few. Yes, I have had faults and still do, but that’s what makes cooking so exciting! If you don’t try and come up with new things, you never know what tasty dish you have the ability to create!
I love food!  I know that’s a broad statement that many people agree with, but my love of food is encompassed in making good food, not necessarily eating it.  I take pleasure in watching people enjoy my food and get chills when I see someone taste something so foreign and new to them…and like it!  Don’t get me wrong, I love eating too, but cooking is about sharing good food and creating experiences for people they never would have had without your creation.
With this mentality I embark on my new journey in the culinary world.  Our first day we identified herbs and had a basic orientation.  The smell of each herb was enticing and I just wanted to chop it up then and there and start cooking! 
Culinary school….Bring. It. On.
My “art project”: Herb Identification.  It was so bright, pretty and green, I wanted to frame it!