Comfort In A Cup

The winter to me is all about the hot drinks.  Hot cocoa, warm apple cider, chai tea lattes, tea, coffee; you name it, I love it!  It’s unanimous,  we all love that amazing feeling of snuggling into a cozy blanket and sipping on a warm cup of  your favorite beverage, while outside, there is complete snow turmoil and below freezing temperatures.  With no place to go, the best option is to grab a good book, watch some TV, and turn on the stove!

My favorites
1) Coffee – Pumpkin Spice K-Kup
The pumpkin pie smell gives off a very homey and sweet aroma, while the coffee awakens your senses and gets you ready to start the day!  I usually put this in a to-go mug when I know I have to get out of the house that day.  It brings the warmth of home on the go.

2) Chai Tea Latte 
If anyone asks, this is my ultimate go-to feel good drink.  Winter or summer, iced or warm…chai tea lattes are always welcome.  The blend of spices in chai is just incomparable.  It’s winter (warm) or summer (cold) in a cup!  By far, Green Cafe (in Israel) makes THE BEST I have ever tasted (and I’ve tasted a lot)!  I make a wonderful one at home with a bag of Tazo Chai Tea, 1 TBS. Agave and about 1/4 Cup of Almond Milk. 

3) Mint (Nana) Tea
I could say that any mint tea will do, but NOTHING is comparable to fresh mint leaves!  Whenever I have the opportunity to enjoy a cup of fresh mint tea, I’m on it!  Go out and buy yourself a mint plant or fresh mint from the supermarket and experience pure enjoyment from this wonderful herb!  Also try lemon-nana.  I will probably post the recipe in the summertime.  Too good…I’m tellin ya.

4) Hot Apple Cider
Paired with a cinnamon stick, oh wow, match made in heaven!  Best when served after a brisk cool walk in the winter air, this drink is seriously incredible.  The cinnamon stick adds that extra twang and spiciness to an already decadent and tangy apple cider.  Warm this up on the stove and this will become part of your fall/winter must haves.

5) Hot Coca
The infamous chocolaty drink no one can resist. Done the right way, I’m talking homemade… delicious!  The recipe I use on the back of the Hershey’s cocoa box.  Add some marshmallows or a cinnamon stick and make this extra wonderful.  If you want deep rich chocolate, find a recipe using real bittersweet melted chocolate.  If you want, add a little bit of rum, whiskey or your favorite liquor to each cup.  It will give that cocoa an extra surprise!

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2 thoughts on “Comfort In A Cup”

  1. The surprise birthday party you gave me was so original and wonderful because of the "hot cocoa bar" you made. What were the add ons? I can't remember, but you should share with your readers…

  2. Thanks you! The party was fun:) I made a huge pot of hot cocoa. People ladled the hot cocoa in their mugs and added the toppings that were on the side. Toppings included: health bar, marshmallows, cinnamon, powdered ginger, butterfingers, and to top it all off…whipped cream! Be creative!

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