Graduate Cooking Class


Graduation is exciting, but new found independence can be daunting!

The graduate is independent, venturing out of the home they have lived in for 18 years, living in their first apartment or dorm, cooking…WAIT…cooking?! Do they know what they are doing? Do you know what they’re eating? If you answered no, I have the solution!

Give the gift of cooking to any graduate you know and take that worry and stress away.   A perfect present for your son or daughter, your friend, your student, your grandchild, yourself!

AliBabka is now offering a new cooking class specifically designed for your soon-to-be independent graduate!  We will go through basic kitchen tools they must have, as well as basic techniques to help them feel confident and ready to take on their new found independence!

1 Class ($275/pp + Food Cost)

– Knife Skills

– Kitchen Safety

– Basics: Dry (Roasting, Broiling and Sautéing) and Wet (Braising, Steaming and Poaching) Cooking Methods

– Meal Includes: Salad, Pasta/Grain, Protein (Chicken, Meat or Fish), Dessert

– Take home packet of kitchen must-haves, guide to basic menu planning, recipes, and more.

Additional classes for graduates, please email about pricing: 

*If your college student is more advanced then basic skills, let me know and I will design customized classes for them.

*Shopping tutorial includes finding the highest quality items with the most reasonable prices at local stores, as well as learning about specific ingredients and seasonal products.

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