Enchiladas Are Like Hot Dogs

Some highlights included:
Day 1: Getting lost in Mexico at night and crashing a funeral
Day 2: Seeing one of the 7 wonders of the world, Chicen Itza
Day 3: Buying coconut water in an actual coconut on the side of the road on the Isle of Majarus and crashing a wedding.
Day 4: Shabbos and spending the entire day at the beach
Day 5: Making it home safe and sound
This covers maybe 5 percent of our wonderful vacation!

I really wanted to try some authentic Mexican food, but on the plus side we probably saved money and some trips to the restroom.  Mexicans sell burritos and enchiladas on the street like New Yorkers sell hot dogs.  I can officially say that I am pretty sick of luna bars and peanut butter banana sandwiches.  We also managed to make eggs, grillers, chicken salad, and sauted veggies by bringing along only a pan and a burner.  There are no kosher restaurants in Cancun, but my entire camera is filled with pictures of fresh fruit, vegetables, seafood and food products I found around Mexico.

                    After drinking out of a fresh coconut, I suddenly have a desire to buy myself a coconut knife.

As always, even in a city with no shul or kosher restaurants, we manage to have many encounters with Jews; native and visiting.

Top 3 Jew spottings:
1) Airport at customs (Jewish boys = 3)
2) The dead sea lotion kiosk at the mall (Jews from Israel = 2, Jews from Argentina = 1)
3) The wine store where they had three kosher wines (Jew from Mexico = 1 (she worked there))

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