Exciting News for Alibabka!

Today, I was featured in an article in the esteemed Wall Street Journal!  I was interviewed by Sumathi Reddy on what it is like being an Orthodox Jew in a non-kosher culinary school.  
I spoke about the challenges I face when preparing and cooking all types of food that I am unable to taste, because of religious reasons.  As many of my readers know, I am allowed to cook certain foods even though I am religiously forbidden to eat them.  Keeping Kosher while attending culinary school is very unique and I am certainly proud of my choice to follow my dreams of becoming a professional chef, all while maintaining my religious observance.  What better way to channel my creativity than learning to substitute kosher foods for non-kosher ones?
I feel truly blessed to be able to do what I am most passionate about without ever having to compromise my integrity.  
 I would like to give a shout out to my fellow classmates and friends who also made it into the article! 
(see picture)
Me – De-veining Shrimp
Charles Grayauskie – Directly behind me, back facing camera, hard at work!
Kristen Casella – Looking towards the camera, across form Charles, prepping something delicious! 
Jiae Ha –  Behind Kristen, facing the East, filleting a fish!
Maurice S., M. Thorpe or Stanly Hui – All the way in the back, making something awesome! (you are all pretty much the same height, so it has to be one of you!)
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10 thoughts on “Exciting News for Alibabka!”

  1. I think your choice is a strong example of pursuing your passion and dream without compromising your values. In fact I am going to share your story with my children as a example of wise choices.
    I also plan on trying a number of your recipes from your blog they look great and my wife and children will enjoy your tasty healthy dishes.
    Congratulations on the WSJ article.

  2. AGL,
    Wow, thank you. I am honored to be a positive example for your children! I would not be this strong without my parents positive support and belief in me.
    Enjoy the recipes and thank you for reading!

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