“I Don’t Roll On Shabbos”

I recently finished Module 3 at school, which means I am more than halfway done!  The topic was international cuisine and China was the last section we did in our culinary tour around the world.  I came home after a night of making beef and broccoli and dim sum and passed a Chinese take-out restaurant that was open.  I looked inside and saw everything I had made that day, #9, #47, #12…It was all there!
The last day of the last module we made sushi!  I was particularly excited to see the proper techniques and learn the basics of sushi making.  It was a lot of fun and boy did we roll!! No, no, no, not how it sounds…although that joke was said about 20 times that night, fitting very well into the chef and culinary stereotypes. 

It was a lot of fun and felt more like a recreational class.  If anyone is interested in me teaching them the basics of rolling, I would be glad to teach!  Enjoy and I hope to roll with you someday!
(The title to my post is a quote from The Big Lebowksi)

A great Halachic questions was just brought to my attention, “can one roll sushi on shabbos?” 
If wasabi sauce and rice are made ahead of shabbat and the other components i.e. avocado, carrot cucumber, fake crab, etc. will be cut, rolled and eaten on shabbat, or prepared ahead of shabbat, there is not a problem, If you make extra with the intention of eating it after shabbat then it is not okay.  If you make what you think you need for shabbat and there is leftover, no problem.
Some prohibit it because of boneh (building) which does apply to cheese making, etc. However, there is no difference between making sushi and making a sandwich.

Teriyaki Duck

1 Oz. Soy Sauce
1 Oz. Mirin
1 Oz. Sake or Dry Sherry
½ Oz. Maple Syrup
1 Duck Breast
Peppercorns, ground
½ Lemon, zested

Combine soy sauce, mirin, sake and maple syrup.  Heat a small skillet on low flame.  Place duck breast skin side down and sate over low heat till fat is rendered off and turns golden, about 1 hour.  Pour of excess fat.  Turn breast over and cover and cook till medium rare.  Degrease the skillet and pour in 1 oz. of the teriyaki sauce.  Bring to bowl and scrape the pan.  Boil then reduce to simmer.  Return duck to skillet and cook to coat with sauce.  Remove the pan from the heat when the sauce is syrupy and reduced, a few minutes.  Cool duck and slice thinly.  Mix with pepper and zest. (would be great over rice).


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  1. Hey looks yum! Whats that stuff on the plate with the sushi? Id love to make it it looks great!

  2. Where does one find kosher duck in the midwest?? Specifically Columbus, OH.

  3. Shalom are you sure that I can go to learn to a goy culinary school??? i am trying to do it,help please !!cohendorra@hotmail.com

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