Italian Men Are Like Jewish Mothers

The title pretty much says it all.  Fact: I just recieved the shidduch talk from my chef.  I assumed it wasn’t so strange to have an Orthodox Jew in a non kosher class at a culinary school, but apparently it’s not as common as I thought.  The chef had a very keen interest in my personal life yesterday.  I was explaining that botKosherfest and Kosher Food and Wine Experience are heaven on earth to me.  3 days of pure bliss, going through aisles and aisles of kosher food, new products and alcohol…it’s kinda awesome. He then went on to say that “you must enjoy it because…you know…”
Yes, I knew exactly what he meant.
So instead of stating the obvious, I just went for a broader word “networking.”  He smiled, winked and said “you could really work your way around there and meet some nice Jewish foodie guys, if ya know what I mean.”
I felt my face turn redder then the tomato puree we had made earlier. I was just waiting for him to mention that “one other Jewish guy, in the culinary program, during the morning classes, who comes in the days I don’t” to be the perfect match for me.  I saw it coming, so I quickly cut him off and asked him about the sachets’ we were preparing.  School is one of my only little distractions away from “the scene.”  But, on the plus side, culinary school is definitely a bonus and will rank me up there in being one heck of an Aishes Chayil. 😉

Bouquet Garnei and Sachet D’epice

That’s right I make my chicken matzah ball soup with a sachet’! Booyakasha!

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