Kosherfest is one of my favorite events to attend each year! This year I was not able to go because I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my babybabka! On behalf of AliBabka, I sent my two trusty babkas, Enon Avital and Shalom Silbermintz, to scout out and search for the best and most interesting products Kosherfest had to offer.

Here are their top picks:

Frozen fruit treats that taste like real food, because, you guessed it: they’re made of fruit and nothing else. The texture of these fruit pops was perfectly smooth, and we went back for seconds.

Bootlegger Gin from Prohibition Distillery
Newly certified kosher, this gin has a very clean finish, and a flavor profile with all the right notes. Their vodka is nice too, and the jury is still out on the small-batch bourbon.
As good as ever, and now all natural (the spicy jerky was Enon’s favorite), with their line of beef sticks slated for the all-natural makeover sometime in 2016 (Pepper beef stick was shalom’s meat of choice).

A new service for ordering kosher food anywhere. They take the hassle of hunting down food while traveling, and are basically a global GrubHub/Seamless for ready-made kosher food delivery.

Another newly-kosher product, great for topping ice creams and cakes, or just eating alone, like we did.
From the French line of truly magnificent chalav yisrael cheeses, this one is a must try.
Hevron Heights Isaac’s Ram Cabernet Sauvignon
We’re big fans of cabs because of their wide appeal, and at the price point of this bottle, we expect it to become a regular on our shabbat tables.
Enon Avital is also a food lettering artist, and was posting #LiveFromKosherFest:
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