Next Contestant on “Chopped”

and chopped I did…
We are right now in the process of perfecting every type of basic chop, dice and mince.  I realized yesterday that I ROCK at mincing, but if you ask me to chop up large cubes of a potato, expect it to not be ready for at least 20 minutes. It is freakin hard. You have to eye the whole process and be very exact!
I’m a perfectionist, but for flavor and look.  It’s very rare that I’m 100 % satisfied with something I made. 
I happen to like the rustic look of the jagged edge, slightly uneven vegetables.  But French, they love perfection!  For example my large cubed potatoes would probably be tossed.   I just have to keep working on it. One cannot practice enough.
My Chef, an Italian man, likes to cook with everything.  He grew up in a home that used the ends and scraps.  He made it clear that those dished would not even be given the time of day in a French kitchen, even if it tasted heavenly.
After 1 hour of instruction and 2 hours of practice in the kitchen, I went home and began my homework…doing it all over again!   I came out with one injury, which i think is very impressive.
Minced Shallot, Minced Garlic, Large Cubed Potatoes, and Small Diced Pepper
My Battle Wound. Don’t worry mommy, I still have hopes of becoming a hand model 🙂
“When you get cut…”  Those were the first words out of the chefs mouth when we began class.  This cut is nothing.  It’s like a paper cut!  As with every chef, there always need to be battle wounds.  Thankfully, I have only had 2 major (but proud) ones in my life which required stitches.  My “misses” always happen on my left hand because my right one slips.  I mistakened  my hand for both a cantaloupe and turnip. Don’t we all? Just like steak tastes better with a few seasonings, so too chefs are better with a few scars/seasonings.  It hurt, not gonna lie, but looking back I remember looking at the stitches and saying to myself  “I am one step closer to becoming a chef.” 
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