Oscar Mayer Weinermobile Spotting!

I know, I know, I know….You all are thinking it….why is this article all about something that isn’t kosher when this is a kosher blog??!!
It’s okay, don’t start panicking.  I actually just updated my Halacha section so you can see all my questions that I had answered by my local orthodox rabbi.
Nonetheless, I saw the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile!!! There are only 7 in the United States and I saw one! Very post worthy.
And…this does have to do with culinary school because I saw it on the way to school!

 Wouldn’t it be cool if that was kosher? 

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4 thoughts on “Oscar Mayer Weinermobile Spotting!”

  1. ooooh i WISH i was an oscar meyer weiner…
    p.s. i am looking forward to a rabbit post. please make sure to document anything that has to do with rabbit.
    p.p.s. this post is being written from tanzania.

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