Who Says Grilling Is A Man’s Job?

For starters, I make a mean steak!  We started off grilling and searing steaks, chickens, and fish during the first part of module 2.  I’ve actually never properly grilled before, but i love it!  Highly recommend it to my ladies out there. Take the reins and start grilling!  I learn many tricks of the trade in class, and decided to share this one with you! You’re welcome 🙂
How do you like your steak?  How do chefs get it so perfect (or not)?
Well, it takes tons of practice (and a lot of steak!) to completely be sure that your meat is done to the diners specific perfection.   After all, getting a steak with a slice down the middle loses a tad of the steaks appeal.  Of course, the easiest and smartest way to tell is a thermometer, but having a helping “hand” there can be very convenient and helpful! It also makes for a great party activity or a picker upper 😉

 1) Relax your hand.  Touch the part of your hand shown above with your pointer finger.  This is how the meat feels when you buy it from the store.RAW.

 2) Touch your pointer finger to your thumb.  This is how RARE feels.

 3) Touch your middle finger to your thumb.  This is how MEDIUM RARE feels.

 4) Touch your ring finger to your thumb.  This is how MEDIUM feels

5) Touch your pinky to your thumb.  This is how WELL DONE feels.

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3 thoughts on “Who Says Grilling Is A Man’s Job?”

  1. Give the man a break that has to compete with an expertise and knowledge of a Chef Daughter and self- taught Master Chef Wife a chance to shine in the kitchen arena. As long as you don’t tell everybody about the marinade (anything open in the refrigerator and spice cabinet) and fork holes in the meat while sitting in the marinade, I am OK.

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